A day at Classic Pets grooming salon is like you attending a spa.  There is no substitute for our gentle, caring and personalized grooming.

We have a staff of professional, skilled groomers with combined over 30 years experience.  Whether you have a show dog or just want to show off your pet, your pet(s) deserve the pampering and expert care they get with our professional grooming services.  Our groomers specialize in hand-scissoring all breeds.  We can groom breed-specific or custom groom to the customers needs or wants.  We cater to the specific needs of your pets. 


We have separate rooms for grooming, bathing and drying.  This keeps the experience quiet, stress free and enables your pet to have a more enjoyable experience.


Grooming is more than making your pet look attractive.  Regular professional bathing and grooming is an important part of your pet’s health and hygiene.  Regular professional grooming also will help your pet look fabulous, smell fresher and live a more comfortable, healthier life.  Every breed needs to be groomed on a regular basis regardless of size, age or coat type.  This can prevent problems such as excessive shedding, skin and paw problems and painful mats.  Regular grooming can also help you to identify other problems that might have gone unnoticed otherwise.  We will always let you know of any problems we encounter.


**All grooming Includes:  a minimum of 2 bathes with a high quality shampoo.  Breed specific trims, full groom, bows and bandanas -

 All grooming dogs will also have a minimum of one coat conditioner.  The bathing dogs, i.e., lab, golden retrievers etc. will have three coat conditioners.  This helps with the de-shedding process and would not be recommended for the grooming dogs as their coat would be too soft for a competent groom.  This service includes our de-shedding treatment, which most salons charge extra for.  All dogs will have the toenails trimmed and ears cleaned/plucked.  Anal expression is done by request for a charge.  All of the dogs are hand-dried, no cage drying.  This method takes longer, but the results are far superior and safer.  A squirt of our dog cologne, scarf and/or bow and they are ready to go.

*Teeth cleanings are now being offered by appointment only.  Schedule while your dog is in for grooming or before they leave the kennel.

 *Our larger dogs are not caged for their grooming appointments.  We have a holding pen that is 5ft x 5ft in which they can lay down and relax in between treatments.

* All dogs are taken to go potty before they are groomed and after, if needed.

 *Be on time if at all possible.  If there is a delay, or you cannot make your appointment, please call.  We have a limited number of appointments per day.

 *If your pet has a sensitive area, or health problems, please inform the groomer.


We do not tranquilize – If you feel your pet requires this treatment, please consult your veterinarian.


****Hours of Operation:****

 Monday – Wednesday -  Friday   8:30am - 4:30pm

Tuesday & Thursday 9:00am - 12:00 noon

Saturday 8:30am –2:00 pm                            


 All services are offered by appointment or scheduled during your pet’s stay with us.


For appointments call 330-588-8660.