In order to ensure the health of all of our pet guests, we require all pets to be current on their vaccinations prior to check-in.  We require documentation from your veterinarian.  You can bring a copy with you or have your veterinarian fax your shot records to Classic Pets.



Required of Dogs:


DHLPP – current in the last 12 months

Rabies – Current in the last year for puppies, and the past 3 years for adult dogs

Bordetella – current in the last 6/12 month according to your veterinarian.

 + Bordetella vaccines should be given 14 days prior to arrival, when given for the first time or intranasal/oral vaccine. 

 +  Puppies must be at least 9 weeks of age and have completed their first two series of vaccinations, including the bordetella vaccine. 

 +   Leptospirosis has become a major problem.  It is not only contagious to other animals, but can be contracted by humans.  Veterinarians have been debating on the problem of vaccinating for this problem.      Because not vaccinating puts our pet guests, staff and human clients at risk, we require this vaccine,

 +     We understand how important proper sanitation and ventilation are in controlling the spread of Bordetella.  We have designed our facility and trained the staff with this in mind.

 +     Titer testing and Letter of Exclusion from your veterinarian will be honored.


For maximum protection, we recommend vaccinations be given at least 10 days prior to visiting Classic Pets for boarding.  Individual circumstances may be considered.


We also recommend all our guests use a flea preventative such as Frontline Plus or Advantage.


If your pet has experienced symptoms such as fever, sneezing, coughing, loose stools or lethargy prior to his/her boarding, please inform our Staff.  If your pet is currently under the care of a veterinarian for any of these ailments, or others, it is best for your pets and the pets currently boarding for your pet not to stay at the kennel until released by your veterinarian.



Required of Cats:



  Feline Leukemia –Current in the last 12 months

  Rabies  - Current in the last year for kittens and past 3 years for adult cats

 Distemper – Current in the last 12 months