When your pet decides to spend time with Classic Pets, our caring and professional staff will treat your pet like he/she is at home.  Your pet will be pampered with their own individual run, blanket/quilt, dishes, food, daily treats and 3 walks a day, with time to run after a tennis ball in a large, fully fenced play area.  All of our kennels are indoors.    


We have a ventilation system that constantly refreshes the air in the kennels, with no drafts.  We use hospital grade, pet safe/approved disinfectants to keep all areas of Classic Pets clean and smelling fresh. 


As we are located in a mostly block building, we do not experience the noise that you would in a regular kennel.  Lightening, thunder, and outside noises are not heard in Classic Pets.  We also have cameras that monitor the kennels and we keep a radio on to help minimize stress.  Low level lighting also keeps stress to a minimum.


We can customize your pet’s food and dispense medications.  To keep your pet happy and help him/her feel at home, we welcome their own bedding, but the bedding must be fully washable.  Chew toys and treats are welcome, but due to safety and health issues, no rawhide, pig ears or greenies will be allowed.   If your dog requires a different food than we supply, please bring with you.  This could prevent a possible case of diarrhea and/or upset stomach.


We will board two pets from the same household in the same kennel at your request.  However, we prefer to board pets in separate, adjacent kennels.  We are better able to monitor eating, urinating and defecating, by having your pets in separate runs.  Sometimes there is also a risk that pets, which normally get along well, will have a disagreement in a shared kennel.  It is Classic Pets goal to keep all pets healthy and safe.  As long as the owners understands the risks of boarding multiple pets in the same kennel, we will board the pets per the owner’s wishes.


We do not allow visitation during the boarding stay as this confuses and upsets the pet being boarded.


We do invite you to stop in for a tour of our boarding facility.  As we are very busy in the mornings and afternoons with check-ins, check-outs and grooming clients, we prefer to make tours between 10:00am and 2:00pm, but will accommodate different times when we can.